Sunday, 27 March 2011

One person one vote?

Seems like the tories are getting confused about voting again. The director of the No2AV campaign has done a piece on Conservative Home saying that AV will mean an end to one person one vote. This is nonsense of course but the tories are lapping it up. But this has prompted Mark Thompson to ask when they'll switch to FPTP to elect their party leader:
In the 2005 Conservative leadership election there were two rounds of MP voting before the candidates were whittled down to two to go to the country. In the first round the results were: 
David Davis: 31.3%
David Cameron: 28.3%
Liam Fox: 21.2%
Ken Clarke: 19.2% 
So Ken Clarke was eliminated and the MPs got to vote all over again. 
But hang on a minute! That means that all the MPs who voted for Ken Clarke who was eliminated got "more than one vote". They were able to go on to vote for one of the candidates who still remained in the contest. That is precisely what the Conservatives are claiming is anti-democratic now and why we should keep First Past The Post.

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