Saturday, 26 March 2011

No2AV running out of ideas?

At the top of the frontpage of the No2AV website they have what they describe as a "weekly reason to vote no". The only problem is that their weekly reason to vote no has been this for the past month:

Incidentally, the reason is nonsense as a) the Electoral Commission has confirmed that they won't need or be buying voting machines and b) though, one of the Yes campaign's donors (namely the Electoral Reform Society) is the owner of a spin off company supplying electoral services, this company doesn't manufacture or sell voting machines.

So, do you think they might be running out of ideas?

UPDATE: They've now changed the weekly reason to:

Admittedly, what they're saying still isn't accurate (AV still has one person, one vote) but it's nice to see them rediscovering the fact that they can change the pictures on their website. You don't think one of them might have read my blogpost do you?

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  1. As of last night radio 4 have started predicting against us. Hope we can write that off as BBC status quo bias, but BBC can be dangerous, never more so than when telling the people "this is what the people think". It has a long history of subtle bias based on status quo assumptions and omissions from its coverage, while constantly repeating its own claim to an impartial reputation. e.g. A local speaker on Palestine pointed out the BBC never reports that Bethlehem is surrounded by a 25 foot high wall and apartheid checkpoint for the residents.
    The No campaign might be total rubbish but the BBC can still spin on simplicity and Clegg unpopularity and invent out of nowhere its own feeling against the Yes message then report it as news. We need to start replying to bad coverage in our literature.


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