Friday, 11 March 2011

Help stop parking charge increases

The tory run county council are planning to increase on-street parking charges across Surrey. The Lib Dem opposition on the county council have proposed a motion to scrap the increases and the motion will be debated on the 22nd of March.

As Cllr Stephen Cooksey (who proposed the motion) says:
"The plan put forward by Surrey County Council's Conservative Cabinet is an unnecessary blow to market towns and villages in Surrey during a time of economic difficulty. It will hit many of Surrey's small businesses hard, discouraging short visits to local shops and result in even more pressure on already overcrowded residential streets."
This plan by the tories will inconvenience people and damage the local economy. You can help stop the parking charge increase by signing a petition to force the council to debate the issue at full council. If the tories see that this plan is unpopular and will damage the economy they may well rethink it. We need 20,000 signatures before the 23rd of March in order for the petition to be accepted so please sign and circulate it.

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