Saturday, 5 March 2011

Guildford Conservatives - Achieving more for our elderly people. Not.

I recently got a lovely piece of literature through the letter box today from Michael Piper, one of the Tory council candidates for Onslow. Here's an extract which I find particularly amusing:

Pictured: complete and utter bollocks
So yes, the tories are making the wonderful claim that they're achieving more for our elderly. Thing is, our definitions of "achieving more" must differ slightly. See, when they go and force two centres for the elderly to close, or when they make cuts to free travel for the elderly, I'd say that that's achieving less.

I've already mentioned this briefly in a previous post but, for those of you who don't follow this blog regularly (and, frankly, I don't blame you), last year the the council forced the Riverside Age Concern Centre for the elderly to close. This was a service which many elderly people in the area relied upon. It was a social hub where, amongst other things, there were affordable hot meals for elderly people, a gardening service and a computer drop-in centre. The council could have saved it by scrapping the council newspaper About Guildford, which is nothing more than a propaganda device for whoever runs the council anyway, but instead they preferred forcing Riverside to close it's doors. Lovely. Another example of their callousness when it comes to the elderly is the closure of the North Place Day Centre at Christmas. Verily, Christmas is a time of peace and good will to all men - unless you happen to be elderly of course.

So, yes, I do find the claim made by the tories to be laughable. Or at least it would be were not the reality for many elderly people in Guildford so bleak.

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