Friday, 18 March 2011

An excellent question

At PMQs yesterday, and according to Lib Dem Voice:
Jo Swinson (LibDem) asked an excellent question about Libya: “Can the Prime Minister tell me what message he thinks it will send to every tyrannical dictator if, against the urgent desire of the Libyan people, against the wishes of the Arab League and against the UN principle of the responsibility to protect, the international community fails to stop Gaddafi crushing the spirit, the hopes and the lives of the Libyan people?” I think that’s [one] of the best questions I have ever heard at PMQs. Cameron, more or less, agreed with the question.
I have to say, it does make me feel proud to be in the same party as people like Jo, even if it's also got people like Clegg in it.

And of course, the good news is that the UN has passed a No Fly Zone resolution on Libya. Hopefully it won't be too late.

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