Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Labour's assaults on civil liberties are on the bonfire of history

The aborted foetus of the National Identity Register, which would have been the heart of ID cards and the database state, is quite literally to be incinerated. The hard drives and back up tapes containing the data of the initial applicants to the ID card scheme will be shredded and then incinerated. This will be followed with long overdue moves to remove innocent people from DNA databases and other measures to restore civil liberties.

It's about bloody time. Civil liberties is one of the issues which I, as a lefty, can never and will never forgive New Labour for. It's not that they were deliberately malicious, it's that they simply didn't care about liberty or understand it's importance and sacrificed it on the alter of political expediency. Still, that era is over now, and I can go about my life without having to worry quite so much about what kind of inaccurate data about me might be stored on which government databases.

Also, as a lefty, I sincerely hope that the Labour party will support these reforms (that odd little word which is causing the beeb so many problems at the moment) and accept that they made mistakes in the past. Not only would this bring them political dividends and help bring former members back into the fold (though I, for one, am  never going to touch them with a barge pole), it would also be right. We do not need a society where the government spies on its citizens and deprives them of their rights and privacies at the drop of a hat for that is the first step on the road to a police state. What we need is a society where all the mainstream parties accept the importance of our ancient freedoms and liberties which date back to Anglo-Saxon times. So here's to the Coalition for getting something unequivocally right for a change and here's to the hope that Labour will show some sense for a change and support them.

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