Monday, 21 February 2011

I'm proud to be a Lib Dem

This is a piece I've written for the Stag which should be published shortly.

I’m proud because the Liberal Democrats are in government doing things which no other party would have done. We’ve got 64% of our manifesto implemented which means things like taking a million of the lowest paid out of tax altogether by increasing the tax threshold to £10,000 and creating a new Green Investment Bank to help create new jobs and new industry. Things like the pupil premium, which means £430 extra funding for the poorest pupils in the country- funding which will help them get the teaching they need at the most critical stage of their lives.

Or there’s the huge advance for gay rights where they will finally be allowed to get married and a possible end to the archaic prejudice which means that gay men aren’t allowed to give blood.

We’ve also stopped innocent children from being locked up in detention centres where they were traumatised and suffered physical abuse. Thanks to the Lib Dems, child detention has been abolished.

There’s the biggest reform of the political system in 80 years, the scrapping of New Labour’s attacks on civil liberties and much more. None of these would have happened without us in government.

You may be angry about tuition fees - I’m angry myself. I think the wrong decision was made and most of us in Guildford do too. But fees aren’t just what we’re about. Despite the negative media coverage, we are changing Britain for the good. That’s what we are about and that’s why you should support us and be proud to do so.


  1. "You may be angry about tuition fees - I’m angry myself."

    LOL!!! Say it again with feeling this time. Have you been to any university campuses with your "I'm a libdem and proud" nonsense?

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    You are clearly a moron.

    If you had bothered to click the link in the article you would have noticed that the Stag is a student newspaper. That, and the fact that I say so on the About Me page should have clued you into the fact that I am a student. And given the number of people I recruited at refresher's fair the other week certainly indicates that some people like the message.

    Also, if you had been bothered to read some of my older blogposts you would see that I am angry enough about fees to have drafted a motion of no confidence in Clegg. You might also care to read the my account of the anti-fees demonstration on the 10th of November which I attended.

    You could also try reading the two articles where I explain a) why I am still a Lib Dem and b) why I support the coalition.

    So, really, why don't you go and troll somewhere else?

  3. I'm a student who is against tuition fees, and definitely against the rise and have marched and taken part in the occupation of a university room in protest at the rise in fees and the HE cuts.

    And I am also still very proud to be a Lib Dem. Managed to recruit another member while IN the occupation as it happens.

    Get back under your bridge anonymous, unless you have something relevant to say.


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