Friday, 25 February 2011

Big Society found alive and well in Libya

Mr Cameron's been a bit down lately. What with the economic problems, bungled evacuations and all. But he needn't worry because I have some good news for him. Are you ready? Wait for it...

The Big Society has been found alive and well in Libya!

The sharper eyed amongst you might have noticed how Mr Cameron has spent most of the past year looking for the Big Society which, despite being a key Cameron policy, no one has been able to find. Part of the problem may have been the inability of Mr Cameron to give a clear description of the missing Big Society.

The lack of a clear description has hindered search parties as they tried to find the Big Society. For example, John Harris went to Stourbridge to see if the Big Society could be found there but he didn't have much luck.

But at last the search is over. The Independent's Catrina Stewart has been to Tobruk and I think (although she doesn't realise it) that she's found where the Big Society has been hiding. Here's a bit of the article which leading experts (e.g. me) have described as "exactly matching the Big Society's description":
Protesters have formed civilian committees tasked with restoring some normality to Tobruk. More than 20 groups are charged with securing key installations, distributing food, collecting looted weapons, helping businesses reopen and much more.
Other committees are working with émigrés in neighbouring Egypt to bring in medical and food supplies, while banks reopened for the first time yesterday since the protests began. Radio Free Libya, a local station, has appealed to protesters to return the weapons seized from the police during the clashes last week. About 90 per cent of the weapons – mostly rocket-propelled grenades and Kalashnikov rifles – have been returned, Abubakir Hussein Zaki, a prominent dissident, said. These are now being redistributed to security guards and the military in preparation for defending against a new crackdown.

So, there we have it. The Big Society in action. Maybe after we've finished rescuing the Britons and oil trapped in Libya we could see about persuading the Big Society to come back to Britain. I'm sure Mr Cameron will be most pleased. Though he might be disturbed that it now looks a bit like this:

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