Sunday, 30 January 2011

Police Gas Protesters

No, this gassing of protesters wasn't in Egypt, it was in London. Today.

According to both Liberal Conspiracy and the Guardian, the Metropolitan Police used CS gas on peaceful anti corporate tax avoidance protesters outside Boots in Oxford Street.

This is how UK Uncut (who organised the protests) describes it:

Before 15:00 outside Boots on Oxford Street a female activist tried to push a leaflet through the closed door of Boots explaining the details of Boots' tax avoidance to the staff. 
A police officer then arrested the individual for "criminal damage". Around 20 people tried to help the female being arrested and 10 were subsequently pepper sprayed. Three people have been taken to hospital.
 There's also video of the aftermath of the incident:

This is disgusting behaviour from a police force which is meant to defend our right to peaceful protest. Hopefully the Home Secretary will ensure incidents such as this are properly investigated and reign in the Met which currently is acting in a manner little better than that of the Egyptian security forces. I wouldn't expect this to happen or tolerate it under any government which is why I feel so ashamed that it's happening under one in which Lib Dems are meant to have influence. If anyone reading this happens to have the ear of one of our ministers then kindly ask them what the fuck they think they're doing.

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  1. Doubt that Theresa May will do anything, as the government is on the side of the police and is quick to justify any of its actions. I've also got a link on my Facebook to an article about why in some cases the police are above the law. I agree though, it's brutal behaviour and it's punishing people for peaceful protest, which is a fundamental human right. Yet the general public doesn't care, because they've been fed this myth that if there's police action it must have somehow been justified.



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