Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year Irritants

Yes, yes, happy new year, hope you all prosper and all that stuff. However, let us not forget the unpleasant things about this time of year. Things such as:

  • Adverts on at 10pm for furniture sales that closed at 4pm
  • Has-beens and minor celebrities on various programs, seemingly timed to air simultaneously so they can saturate the air waves with inane comments and games based around the events of the year
  • People spamming facebook with New Year's salutations
  • News reporters standing in the cold for hours and hours, telling us how exciting everything is while absolutely nothing happens in the background
  • The overuse of the word "memorable"
  • The washing up from your New Year's meal sitting accusingly in the sink
  • The general feeling at midnight that it really wasn't worth staying up to count down the seconds when you could have been doing something more fun
  • The celebrations and false joy generally being a little bit crap
  • Monday and the return to work looming over you
So, in conclusion, Happy New Year!

1 comment:

  1. Get a grip, wipe your bum and cheer up. Flappy pooey rear.


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