Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Motion of No Confidence Postponed

You may remember that a while ago I talked about a motion of no confidence in Nick Clegg as party leader which I had drafted. The deadline for submission of motions for spring conference is today at 1pm. Given the difficulty of finding the requisite ten representatives to sign the motion on such short notice I've decided to wait till autumn conference to submit the motion. In the meantime I will be spending my time at spring conference networking to ensure that I have the requisite support for the motion well in advance of autumn. Thank you to all of you who've shown support for the motion.


  1. Well i'm still glad to hear that there are people brave enough to stand up to the party at all, so take as long as need-be if you must. We need to send a clear message to the party leadership that you can't just claim to want to reform politics and then backpedal on a personal pledge.
    Keep your eyes out for the 'alliance' at conference though. They may poison your drink.

  2. You mean you couldn't even find 10 honest LD's? ;-o

    Things must be worse in your party than I thought...tho given the hostile response to un-believers on Lib Dem Voice I guess I should hardly be surprised?


  3. Actually Galen10 it was more of the case that, as a relatively new party member, I only know about two reps. After spring conference I hope to know far more reps and therefore actually be able to get the requisite signatures. Also, the fault is mainly mine for attempting to get this motion proposed at such short notice - by postponing it till autumn conference the whole thing should prove much easier :)


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