Thursday, 13 January 2011

Holy shit, it's 2011!

Today it suddenly hit me that the year's 2011. I know it sounds stupid but at some point each year it suddenly hits me that, you know, it's actually a new year with a new date and everything. It's kind of like having a birthday, for a few weeks (or months in my case) you keep having to pinch yourself and remind yourself that you're not the same age any more and that you'd better get over that feeling of strangeness when someone asks you your age and you have to say something different to what you've been saying for the previous 12 months.

After all, it's 20-fucking-11! That's not some boring, predictable, run-of-the-mill year from the "Noughties" (god how I hate that term), this is the bloody future! Okay, the Oil Wars haven't broken out yet, and we still don't have a colony on the moon (way to go, NASA), but it's still a futuristic sounding year! My only real regret is that instead of all the stuff we were promised (like automated houses, a friendly AI for every child and the Battle of  Canary Wharf) all we've got is the latest range of tablets which still haven't quite worked out what they're meant to be yet. Oh yes, and Strictly. So the long and the short of this is, wake me up again when we've got laser duels and Nick Clegg's grown a backbone (so, by my estimate, sometime after 3000AD).


  1. Dear George,

    Firstly, I cannot help noticing that you posted regarding it being a new year at exactly the turn of the new year, thirteen days ago. How is it you are only just noticing that it is no longer 2010?

    Secondly, your birthday isn't the sole day that you age. You age at every moment. Sure, we use years as the conventional counter, but your passage through time isn't restricted to just the incrementation of years.

    Also, Nick Clegg won't be alive in 3000AD.

  2. Really? Cleggy won't be alive in 3000AD? Mind you, I don't think I will be either.

    But George said "when Clegg has grown a backbone". It might take more than 1000 years for him to evolve from invertebrate into vertebrate. He does stand up very nicely though. Perhaps he has an exoskeleton instead?

  3. @Pink Fluff

    Either he's got an exoskeleton or the tories are holding him up by his puppet strings. One of the two.


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