Monday, 17 January 2011


Aaaaaaaargh! Apparently men and women are going to be allowed to split maternity/paternity leave between them under new proposals by Nick Clegg! The horror! How dare he suggest that men should be allowed the same opportunity to look after their children as mothers are! It's going to destroy the economy!

That, at least, is the gist of the Daily Fail article linked to above. According to them:

Parents will be allowed to divide between them almost all of the existing 12 months of maternity leave.
They may even be able to split the time off into stretches as short as a few weeks.
The proposal has been a key coalition demand for Mr Clegg, who has often spoken of his wish to be a hands-on father to his three children.
He claimed it is ‘madness’ to deny men the chance to stay at home and look after their children while mothers go back to work.
Well, personally, I quite like the idea that if ever I have children I'll be able to spend some of the most formative period of their life with them. But apparently the Fail is against this as it will damage business and because:

His plans, which business leaders last night described as a ‘complete nightmare’, go even further than those championed under Labour by Harriet Harman.

Because obviously Harriet Harman is teh evilz. But what really irritates me about this article is the sneering attitude of the whole piece, for example:
Unlike most families, Mr Clegg’s wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, a lawyer, is the main breadwinner.
As if there's something wrong with that, something wrong with the concept of a mere woman going out to work while her husband stays at home. Really, it's pieces like this that show just how backwards and out of date the Fail is. Quite frankly, I would even find wiping my arse with it vaguely tarnishing to my soul.


  1. No doubt the media of the left and right (that's pretty much all the media) will call Clegg a Nazi for even suggesting this.

  2. Now we just need men to be able to do the pregnancy ;-)

  3. Yes there is something wrong with the concept of a woman going out to work while her husband stays at home, just like feminists have always found something wrong with the concept of a man going out to work while his wife stays at home. Would you like me to repeat all the things they find wrong with it?


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