Friday, 31 December 2010

Poll Shocker - unless you actually have a working brain

Sky are shocked to learn that the Lib Dem MPs, who approved the Coalition agreement without a single vote against, have said that they're going to keep their word and stay in the coalition. Funnily enough, I always thought that, when they signed into a five year agreement, they did it with the intention of keeping it.

Also, if they were going to break the agreement, surely they wouldn't announce it to Sky over the phone, of all people. I mean, given that Sky is Murdoch's favourite tool to shoehorn public opinion into supporting what he wants surely every Lib Dem MP would be stampeding to give them an exclusive.

Seriously, the whole article is exasperatingly hilarious. If I'd been one of the Lib Dem MPs I'd have had a one syllable supply to the question:



  1. Well they did break their signed tuition fees pledge within a few months, why wouldn't they break other pledges?.Let's see how committed they are to the coalition after May's electoral massacre.

  2. Not all of them broke the fees pledge and they'd have to be pretty damn stupid to leave the coalition when they've taken all the pain and not yet got any gain from it.


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