Monday, 22 November 2010

Recipe for a tasty dinner

This will only take about 20 minutes:

Ingredients needed: rice, peas, sweetcorn soy sauce and chicken.

  • Put some peas and sweetcorn (frozen for preference) into a saucepan along with rice (just under half a beaker per person) and put on a medium to high heat
  • Put about two teaspoons of oil into a frying pan (I prefer walnut oil but any cooking oil will do)
  • Put the frying pan on a medium to low heat
  • Chop up some chicken (about 200g per person) and throw it into the frying pan.
  • Use a spatula or spoon to regularly push the chicken around so it cooks on all sides and doesn't stick to the bottom
  • When the chicken has just started to go golden brown in places pour soy sauce into the frying pan and make sure that you stir the chicken so the soy sauce gets worked in
  • Keep stirring the chicken until it has gone a dark golden brown
  • Take the chicken off the heat and strain the rice and vegetables
  • Mix the rice and vegetables together and serve onto plates
  • Serve the chicken on top of the rice and voila, a tasty meal in 20 minutes.
P.S. this is a very good recipe for students like myself as all the ingredients can be bought fairly cheaply and are good value for money.

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